Thank you Note - Template

Writing a thank you letter after a job interview isn't a choice. It's a must! That is, if you really want the job.

Many employers say that when if comes down to the hiring decision, there are often just a handful of candidates left in the running. At that point, employers look at the details, not only of each job seeker's qualifications, but also how each one performed during his or her job search, including... writing a thank you letter.

<Your Name>
<Your Address>
<Name of the Interviewer>
<Role of the Interviewer>
<Office Address>

<Note: All the above will not be applicable in case of an e-mail>
Dear <Name of the Interviewer>

It was a great pleasure talking to you today with respect to the <Position Name> position at <Company Name>.

The position seems to be very interesting and suiting my skill set. I am eager to employ my _____, _____, and _____ skills to bring in best results at the job. I ensure that I will work together with my team members to match the organization’s mission.

I have attached a sample work on <Name of the Work> for you to get an insight of what I can do if I am offered the job.

Thank you for spending your valuable time interviewing me. I look forward to work with you.

Awaiting your reply on my candidature!

<Your Name>
<Contact E-Mail ID>
<Mobile Number>

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