Thank you Letter

Writing a thank you letter after a job interview isn't a choice. It's a must! That is, if you really want the job.

Many employers say that when if comes down to the hiring decision, there are often just a handful of candidates left in the running. At that point, employers look at the details, not only of each job seeker's qualifications, but also how each one performed during his or her job search, including... writing a thank you letter.

Sample Thank You Letter after a Panel Interview
Gracy Winston
894, V Street
AB City – xxxxxx
Ph: 8910111213
January 18, 2013
David Haynes
Project Manager
Content Writing Team
XYZ Pvt. Ltd.,
No.1, North Street
XY City - xxxxxx
Subject: Thank You
Dear Mr. Haynes

Thank you for taking your time interviewing me yesterday for the post of Senior Content Writer. The job description you gave was very exciting and I find the job to be appropriate to my interests, skill set and prior experience. The kind of projects and the clients you are working with inspires me to be a part of your team.

My prior experience as a Content Writer with responsibilities similar to the current role has offered me great learning, which will help me perform better at work. I assure that I will implement my writing skills, training skills, editing skills and team collaboration skills to offer the best products.

I understand your need for client support and from my previous experience I assure you that I will perform best to extract the need of the clients and offer best support.

I am glad that I met Mr. Peter and Ms. July. Please thank them for taking their time meeting me.

I am looking forward to work with you. Please contact me at 9087900000 if I need to provide any more details to process my candidature.

Awaiting to hear from you about the candidature.

July Madhav

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