Designation: Web Designer Experience: 1 to 2 years
Location: Bangalore
Posted by: Trivone on 26/09/2015

Job Description

  • Ability to drive the design from initial concept through to final implementation
  • Understanding of how to evangelize and use research to drive design decisions
  • Understanding of design pertaining to Social media platforms and how they can be used most effectively
  • Working with many diverse stakeholders and delivering multiple prototypes
  • Delivering designs as per deadlines
  • Continuously gauging the usability of new and existing products, and making constructive suggestions for change
  • Creating extremely edgy designs for Social media
2 to 3 lakhs
Advertising/Event Management/PR

Desired Candidates


Company Profile

Trivone stands for the three pillars that hold up our personal and professional worlds today. Trivone is a new age information company committed to leveraging content on the Web to start conversations and build communities. We believe in the power of content to initiate an exchange of views and ideas among target audiences across verticals. This power is rooted in the medium itself because unlike traditional media where you read or listen, in the digital world you engage.