Designation: Content Writer Experience: 1 to 2 years
Location: Bangalore
Posted by: Trivone on 23/06/2016

Job Description

Skills and Qualifications:

  • Excellent Written & Spoken English; Working knowledge of MS Office Suite
  • Good understanding of the IT business and industry
  • A background in media would be an asset
  • Ability to work independently
  • Ability to interact with CXO level for information gathering/ interviews
  • Ability to write an analysis based on trending IT businesses/related news
  • A thorough team player
  • Ability to perform under deadlines
  • A Graduate in any discipline, preferably in Mass Communication or English

Responsibilities include:

  • Write business articles, interviews and blogs - like Writing about technology, products, methodologies, industry news etc.
  • Ensure high readership/traffic for the articles
    • Regularly update content on website
    • Keep an on eye on the trending news in tech companies/technology and explore new angles in the stories
    • Take ownership of the stories and use social media to publicize them
    • Work in co-ordination with the other team members
    • Build conversation around the content generated

A brief of the Role:

The candidate will write business articles, features, interviews in the area of information technology.  The candidate is may be required to travel in order to cover news, interviews or launches. The candidate must be in regular contact with the industry players so as to gain insights in the field, related to products and services in the personal technology space. The candidate will be expected to contribute to related technology portals of the company/client.

2 to 4 lakhs

Desired Candidates

content writer, content writing, content development, content creation

Company Profile

Trivone stands for the three pillars that hold up our personal and professional worlds today. Trivone is a new age information company committed to leveraging content on the Web to start conversations and build communities. We believe in the power of content to initiate an exchange of views and ideas among target audiences across verticals. This power is rooted in the medium itself because unlike traditional media where you read or listen, in the digital world you engage.