Tips to succeed in Interviews for Creative People

Any job interview is to test the skills of a candidate. In case of candidates in the creative field, the interviewer would want to understand the creative limits of the interviewee. This is not easy to understand just through a question-answer session. So, it is your duty to showcase your creative skills in some way or the other. For this, you can:

  • Design your resume to showcase your best design skills
  • Take your sample works to the interview
  • Create a special Web site and provide the link to the interviewer, especially if you are a Web Designer
  • Post your creative designs in a blog
  • Create a sample video, if you are animator

Also, apart from the common interview questions asked to freshers and experienced candidates , there are few questions that can be put forth to candidates of specific field. Here are such questions, to list a few.

  • How do you define creativity?
  • How do you think one can improve their creative skills?
  • Can we see your portfolio?
  • Have you pursued any special course to groom your creative skills?
  • How did you gain interest in this field?
  • Have you participated/won any competition related to your skills?
  • What are the design principles you always abide by?
  • What is your best design you have created so far? Can we have a look at it?
  • From where do you draw ideas?
  • How do you select colors/font type for your designs?
  • Have you designed a typeface?
  • What are the software/tools you use?
  • How helpful is the software/tool you use in creating effective designs?
  • Once you are given a project requirement, what would you try to understand before you start your design?
  • How do you ensure that your design is as per the client needs?
  • How do you work on a design, do you follow any process?
  • How do you set a mood in your design?
  • How do you gain audience attention in your design?
  • What design element do you think attracts the audience more? Is it the colors, or type, or images, or any other special things used?

Above all these, you might be given a sample scenario and asked to come up with design ideas or asked to sketch a design, on the spot.

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