Cover Letter Template

A cover letter accompanies a CV (and/or completed application form). It's an opportunity to highlight what's in your CV and to provide real examples to support your ability to do the job. Some recruiters place more emphasis on the cover letter than the CV so it pays to take care with it.

<Your Name>
<Your Address>
<Mobile No.> <E-Mail ID>
<Name of the Interviewer/Whomever You are to Address> <Date>
<Full Name of the Organization>
<Address of the Organization>

<Salutation: Start with Dear and include a proper title for the recipient and then the last name. For example, ‘Dear Mr. Peter’>

<Body Content>

The first paragraph of the body content should include the purpose of writing this letter. In this paragraph, you can mention the position and the level of the position you are applying for. Here you can also mention the source from which you understood that there is such an opportunity.

In the next few (one or two maximum) paragraphs, include details about your relevant skill set, work experience, related projects, and how you would be helping for the growth of the organization. It is very important that these paragraphs are very specific to the job role/organization, and thus needs lots of research before scripting. In addition to your skill set and work experience, you can also include your achievements that would be an advantage in backing the job.

In the last paragraph, mention that you have enclosed a resume along with the cover letter, request the employer to arrange for an interview, and thank the employer for spending his valuable time reading this letter.

<Complementary Close: This can be ‘Sincerely’>

<Signature: Include a digital signature in case of an e-mail or give out a manual signature>
<Your Name>

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