Common Interview Questions to Freshers

Clearing an interview is always a challenge for both freshers and the experienced. To freshers, the challenge is more because though they have not worked in a real-time environment, they have to prove that they can work best in all situations. The challenge here is not only for the candidates, but also for the interviewers. The interviewers are responsible to understand various aspects if the candidate and judge if he/she will be suitable for the said position. For this, they will have to ask various types of questions. Listed below is the list of such questions.

Common Ice-Breaking Question

This question helps the candidate and the interviewer set down in the environment. The answer to this question may help the interviewer frame the rest of the questions. To the candidate, this question helps in portraying himself in the best way.

  • Tell me about yourself

Personality Questions

These questions help the interviewer understand your characteristics.

  • What is your strength?
  • What is your weakness?
  • If you were given an option to meet a great personality, whom would you opt to meet?
  • If you were an animal, what would you be?
  • What do you think as an achievement in your life?
  • What do you think was a failure in your life?
  • What irritates you about your friend/relative/colleague?
  • What is more important for your? Money or Job roles?
  • What are you afraid of?
  • What have you done to the society?
  • Will you lie for the company?
  • What makes you angry?
  • How did you handle a toughest situation in your life?
  • If God bless you with immense wealth, would you still continue work?
  • What would you do if you were asked to report to a person younger than you?

Hypothetical Questions

For these questions, the interviewer does not expect the correct answer. These questions are put forth to understand how you approach a problem.

  • How many commercial buildings are there in Chennai?
  • How many film production companies operate from Chennai?
  • If you were let in a forest without any communication system, how would you escape?
  • If you see somebody met with an accident, while coming to office on the day of a client meeting, what would you do? Help the guy met with an accident or just come to office?
  • Will you put the interests of the organization ahead of your own?
  • If you were given an option to change something in your past life, what would you do?

Questions to Check Your Suitability to the Job/organization

These questions help in understanding if you can fit in to the job and the practices/regulations of the organization.

  • Why should you be selected?
  • What do you expect from this job?
  • Why do you choose to work in this field?
  • How should your ideal work place be?
  • Technical Questions (skill set)
  • When can you join?
  • Will you work on shifts?
  • Will you relocate?
  • Would you like to travel?
  • Can you work late nights/weekends?
  • How do you handle stress at work?
  • Do you work hard or smart? Justify your answer.

Questions to Understand Your Interest to Join the Job

These questions tell the interviewer if you are serious about this interview/job or it is one among the several you attend.

  • What do you know about the organization?
  • What do you know about the role you are interviewed for?
  • Why do you want to work with our company?
  • Why did you apply for this role?

Specific HR related Questions

Apart from the questions that a HR can ask from the previous sections, here are few questions that are exclusively handled in a HR interview.

  • What is current CTC?
  • What is your expected CTC?
  • When would you join?
  • Why should you be hired?
  • What is your goal?
  • How long would you stay with us?
  • We feel you are overqualified for this position. What is your view on this?
  • What other career opportunities you have right now?
  • When do you think you will feel you have achieved your desire of life?
  • What do you want to be in the next five years?

Questions Asked at Closing

This question generally marks the end of the session.

  • Do you have anything to ask?

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