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    Do You Know How to Make Your Personal Qualities Stand Out on a Resume?
    Your personal qualities need to appear on your resume, and when done correctly they’ll stand out on your resume and get the attention they deserve.
    In fact, when the right personal qualities are included on your resume it could mean your resume makes it to the short list, and you get an opportunity to interview. Remember your resume is not meant to get you hired, but it is meant to serve as the ad to get you an interview.

    Personal Qualities for Resumes

    Qualities Your Resume Should Have

    When writing your resume, make sure that you work the following personal qualities into your resume.

    1. Motivation
    Show the employer that you are motivated and have the initiative they are looking for.
    For example, “Set challenging goals and achieved those goals through persistence, dedication, and commitment.” Yet another example would be “Identified weaknesses in the networking system and implemented a cost effective program to improve functionality and decrease cost.

    2. Communication Skills
    Communication is key in any organization and so demonstrating that you have the necessary skills is important.
    Let’s look at a couple of examples. “I wrote clear and concise guidelines for the implementation of the networking. Another example might be, “I was the project manager of a multimillion dollar upgrade project that will save the company $2 million dollars each year. “

    3. Organizational Skills
    Every position requires some degree of organizational skills from its employees.
    These skills can be demonstrated in a number of ways. For example, “I coordinated and scheduled all Little League games for the summer season,” or “Implemented the step by step plan for prioritizing patient care.”

    4. Leadership Skills
    Everyone has some level of leadership skills, which can be demonstrated with the right descriptive phrase.
    “I supervised and motivated my team of 10 employees,” or “I hired, and evaluated, the performance of the sales personal in the electronics department.”
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    5. Flexibility (adaptability)
    Employers look for individuals that are adaptable and flexible taking change into stride. Your reference might look something like this.
    “Adapted quickly to restructuring of electronics department and the relocation to computer department.”

    6. Professionalism
    Every company wants to know their employees will act in a professional manner. You can demonstrate this characteristic better during the interview process but you can also incorporate it into your resume. For example, “I received the annual award for excelling in professionalism and customer excellence.”

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    Focusing on Good Personal Qualities

    It’s not in our nature to “toot our own horn” and brag about our skills, qualities, experiences, and abilities.
    As a result, we often downplay what we are capable of. This is a mistake that needs to be avoided at all costs. If you can’t brag about yourself then get a friend or family member to help you. We cannot stress enough that your resume is your one page advertisement on yourself so like any sales pitch make sure all the important points are covered, and that the hiring manager can quickly and easily see those selling points.

    “Your personal qualities are to your resume as your paycheck is to your job.”

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