The Seven Deadly Sins of Creativity Back


    You’re probably aware of the Seven Deadly Sins, but have you ever thought about how they might tie back to creativity…in a positive way? Lateral Action, a blog about creativity plus productivity, shows you how indulging in some of these sins may allow you to produce some of your best work.  We’ve pulled out a few notable “sins” below, so check them out then read about all seven in their entirety.



    Creativity feels good and it should feel addictive. You definitely should not waste your time on anything that doesn’t draw your attraction. Always remember that your talent is your ticket to pleasure.


    You can’t create great art without first consuming it – lots of it. Drawing inspiration from other work is just as creative as making things yourself.


    The most creative moments sometimes come to us when we’re not doing much, or are on creative downtime. So take that time off and relax outside in a park, take a long shower, or lay on a beach!


    You’re different, and that makes you an artist. Don’t compare yourself to others, always take pride in your own work.

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