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    Use A Drag & Drop Workflow

    Just drag and drop pre-existing game objects, game logic, and assets to put your game together. We've included re-useable game actions to do things like track objects, change levels, spawn objects like bullets or enemies. You can create your own custom game actions and game objects and share them on the GameBuilder Marketplace as well.

    Cross Platform Publishing (Deployment)

    You are not restricted to publishing your game to only one platform. You can deploy native apps to all of the major smart phone and tablet platforms, iOS, Android, and Blackberry. You can also deploy your game online to sites like Mochi Media and Facebook.

    Cloning Game Objects

    This is probably one of the coolest features of GameBuilder Studio. The beauty of cloned game objects (entities) is that they always refer the the source entity on a component by component basis. 

    So if you don't want to have duplicate game logic but you want to have two game objects be slightly different than each other you can clone the original, unlock the component on the clone that you want to change and all the other components, except the "Spatial" will remain synched to the original entity. If you are a programmer it is very similar to inheritance and overriding methods of super classes.

    Game Logic Components

    Game logic in GameBuilder Studio is put together using varios logic components and triggerable actions. 

    If you want to make your character move to the left add a Rules Component and listen for the left keyboard being pressed then trigger an action to move the position of the character to the left of the screen.

    Dynamic Expressions

    Expressions are extremly powerful in GameBuilder Studio. If you have used Excel or any similar program it is a similar concept. Expressions allow you to calculate and retireve game object properties at runtime. This is great because a lot happens while your game is running and properties change so you want to be able to react to those changes while the game is running. 

    Say you have a score at the top of the screen you want to update that score everytime the player collects a coin, you would use an expression for that.

    Simulate Real-World Physics

    GameBuilder Studio comes with a built in physics engine so that you can perform collision detections and simulate real world behaviour within your game. There is a collision editor in the properites panel of all physics components so that you can draw custom collision shapes for precise collision hit areas. The builtin physics engine is an open source library known as Nape. It performs very fast on mobile and online platforms.

    Load Custom Plugins

    Extensibility is key to any tool. You may want to integrate your own custom analytics code, or you have custom character behaviours that you want to be specific to your game. You can add all of that because GameBuilder Studio's engine is open source and we have a plugin SDK to integrate with our visual editor.

    Create SpriteSheet Animations

    Animations can be very processor intensive in your game especially on mobile devices. There is an industry standard technique that is used to help reduce the amount of memory and processor needed to run your game. It involves using sprite sheets. If you have animations in your game you render each frame of the animation into seperate files and then layout each frame into one image known as a sprite sheet.

    There are free tools out in the market already that make this process easier. The one we like to use is called Texture Packer. You can import optimized sprite sheets from TexturePacker into our editor really easy. After importing your spritesheet you can define which frames make up the animations of your sprite sheet in our builtin asset editor.

    One-Click Play Testing

    While your developing your game just hit the play button to test your game-play out and see if what you are working on is fun. You can use a visual iterative process to build a better game faster!

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