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imediajobs.in is a dedicated digital media job portal for employers to search and find the best human resource talent across India. The portal hosts thousands of high quality resumes, across different Digital Media verticals and different job roles to choose from.

Meeting the pressing demand for "high quality" professionals has always been an organization's biggest challenge. imediajobs.in has developed strategies to offer abundant high quality human resources, all in one place.

It enables skillful job seekers to venture into the field of Digital Media and experienced professionals to seek a better position. Job seekers can submit their profiles to thousands of leading companies across the Globe. The timely job alerts enable the job seekers to apply first in the run. Companies can post their job requirements, view the profiles of jobseekers with appropriate skill set and identify the best resources. The portal is very specific to digital media and thus helps the employer save time involved in filtering profiles of other skill set.

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