Course overview:

This is an industry oriented practice based program focusing on both the artistic as well as the technical aspects of integrating Live Action Footage with computer generated imagery. This course is for those who aspire to become Digital Artists, Compositor, Motion Graphics Artist, Digital Effects Painter, Digital Effects Animator, Pre-Visualization Artist, Technical Director and above all Visual Effects Supervisor.

Career Opportunities in Visual Effects

  • Digital Artists
  • Compositor
  • Digital Effects Animator
  • Digital Effects Painter
  • Modeler
  • Pre-Visualization Artist
  • Technical Director
  • Visual Effects Supervisor

Visual effects as a career:

A significant part of James Cameron’s epic film Avatar, with a budget of over $230 million (nearly Rs 1,150 crore) — the most expensive Hollywood movie ever made — has been brought to life by an Indian visual effects (VFX) company — Prime Focus. The Life of Pi released towards the end of 2012 was created by VFX artists from Rhythm & Hues (R&H) in Mumbai and Hyderabad.

The Entertainment Visual Effects (VFX) industry has registered an unprecedented growth in the last 10 years and is expected to grow to 2360 Crore by 2013 according to FICCI-KPMG report.

Growth indicators:

The movies which have used VFX extensively have been amongst the top box office hits like Ra.One, Ega (Naan Ee), Endhiran (Robot), Magadheera and many more.

Increasing cost pressures on production studios overseas, coupled with the ‘cost savings’ offered by Indian players and growing capability of Indian players in VFX is set to increase the outsourcing of VFX work to India. The Indian players are also increasing their presence overseas to tap the international market and build an outsourcing pipeline for their Indian studios.

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