This course provides a wide knowledge on the nuances of creating an effective training material. It imparts knowledge, using which the learners can create their own training material without any external support.

All the students who enroll for this Online Distance Education Program will be provided an iPad loaded with the complete course content. Except ICAT COLLEGE, no institution in India currently offers Instructional Design course content in iPad which promises to enhance the learner’s experience.

Career Opportunities in Instructional Design

  • Instructional Designer
  • Content Developer
  • Technical Writer
  • Content Manager
  • Content Editor
  • Content Reviewer

Instructional design as a career:

The worldwide economic growth is driving the employee cost, which in turn is fueling the need to provide training to increase productivity. Companies need to constantly train their employees to maintain a competitive edge. In such a scenario, the traditional method of training (Classrooms, workshops) is taxing and tedious. Under this complex situation of providing continuous training in a cost effective manner, E-Learning has become the most preferred training solution.

The Instructional Designers (ID) are considered to be the backbone for developing E-Learning content.

Advantages of Selecting a Career as an INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGN

This field provides all the advantages of the IT field including remuneration but is highly creative and non-monotonous.

It is a rapidly growing field and thus there are a huge number of vacancies with less competition.

It does not call for routine work. Each project is different and challenging. You can learn a variety of subjects.

Many organizations in this field provide work from Home options for married women and for people who cannot go out for regular work.

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