Course overview:

This is an industry oriented practice based program focusing on both the artistic as well as the technical aspects of computer generated imagery (CGI). This course is for those who aspire to become Character Designers, Modelers, Texture Artists, Riggers, Animators and Lighting Artists who want to conceptualize and produce visually rich 3D Computer Graphics for Films, Television, Advertisements, Web and Scientific simulations.

Career Opportunities in 3D Graphics & Animation

  • Storyboard and Concept Artist
  • Character Designer
  • Layout and Background Artist
  • Animator
  • Art Director
  • Director
  • Instructor

Animation as a career:

The Indian Animation industry was worth US$ 631 million (Rs. 3150 Crores) in 2011 and is expected to grow at CAGR of 23% to reach US$ 961 million (5200 Crores) by 2013.

Increasing viewership of animation content among adults as a percentage viewership of kids’ channels indicates, substantial increase in viewership for the 14+ age group category. Increasing popularity of animation content among adults is expected to be a key propeller for the domestic animation entertainment industry. The number of TV channels dedicated to animation and kids has been steadily increasing in India.

The release of ‘Avatar’, a movie that is a hybrid of live action and computer generated animated characters became the largest grosser in India indicating that Indian audiences are interested in high quality animated content. The animation film industry sighted the trend and a number of animation films were made and released to capitalize on this interest.

The Indian TV advertisement industry size is expected to increase to US$ 3.3 billion by 2013. This, coupled with growing popularity of animated characters is expected to boost the industry.

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